12 Things I learned At 20

Hey everyone, we are on last day of 2017. Yahooooo💐 Tomorrow is New Year, guys. It has been a long time I didn’t post anything, it’s not because of I lazy to post, it’s because of I’m really busy with finals. Even today I had an exam. I supposed to revise for my next paper, but I really wanted to post about this topic before this 2017 come to an end. I’m so excited for 2018. Aren’t you?

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Here are the 12 things I learned at my 20(I revealed my age) 😅
Read below to know what are the 12 things:-


1. Don’t think that those who are very kind to you, will be kind at your back too.
It’s really hard to find people who are very kind at your back too. If you have one, then keep it.

2. Patience is a virtue.
Seriously I don’t have this in me. I’m the person who wants to know all the result on the spot. I really hate to wait for a long period. If can, I want to know my exam result the same day I sit for the exam. In 2018, I have to become more patient, I guess. Sometimes impatient indirectly leads me to stress.

3. Don’t expect a sorry from any even they are the one who hurts you.
As usual, expectations always hurt me. After this, I should expect anything from anyone.

4. Don’t think that everyone you meet will push you to be the best.
Yes, it’s very true. Sometimes unexpected people will become your motivator and guides from zero to better. Don’t underestimate anyone you meet in your life. You meet new people for a reason in your life.

Lazada Malaysia 5. Don’t think that everyone will tell you the secret of their success to you.
Most successful people won’t tell you the secret to success because there is no any secret. Mantra for success is hard work, persistence and humble.

6. Don’t be a dumb by following what others are telling even different people to have a different opinion about the same thing. Just make the decision on your own. Even though I ask others opinion, at the end I will follow my heart says.

7. Don’t do something to impress someone.
I won’t do anything to impress anyone. If I don’t like something, I won’t do it even you beg me many times.

8. Don’t dull your shine for somebody else.
My life is good when I do what my heart and mind say rather than quitting because of overthinking like what this person will tell if I do this. Trust me, if you have this problem, please add it to your new year resolution. Don’t quit something just because another person doesn’t like it or he or she has opposite thoughts of yours. In short, just don’t give a damn to the toxic people in your life.

9. What’s hard for others, does not mean to be hard for you too.
Try first, decide later whether it’s hard or not. Don’t straight away come to conclusion based on other peoples’ opinions. Don’t ever do that. Just give a try!

10. Grades are temporary. So, the knowledge you gain from one subject matter. Don’t stop learning! Yes, people. Last time, if I didn’t perform on any subject, I will cry like a baby like this is the end of the world. If something really hurts me, I don’t care whoever you are, my tears will go down on my cheeks right in front of you. When I think back to my old days, I laughed at myself for doing like this last time. Nowadays, I’m more to grades are temporary, study for life, not for an exam.

11. Smile always to spread positivity! Your smile might make other peoples’ day brighter. Smile more. Laugh more. Stress will be reduced. Definitely, you will start to enjoy every little thing that happens in your life.

12. Don’t plan to cancel the plan. Plan and execute something in a smarter way. There is no point if you have too much plan in your mind but you didn’t execute it. Last time, I had too much plan on my mind until one point I can’t execute all of the plans. So, nowadays, If I plan or decide something, I will start to do it on the spot rather than telling “later lah”. Last time, if I want to do something, definitely I will tell myself “later lah” which eventually become never.

I feel like want to add another point. Here it goes :

13. Read more. Read more and more books to improve knowledge.

Healthy Living

I think I have grown up until I can control myself from doing something that I love to do most when I’m studying. I learned to manage my time well. I’m really glad that 2017 taught me a lot of good things in my life. Not to forget, I meet a lot of new people in 2017 too. Thank you for each and every soul out there to make my 2017 life so colourful and beautiful. I take this opportunity to apologize to everyone if I did any mistakes to you.

Happy New Year to all the bloggers out there and my readers too. Love as always❤💜

Lazada Malaysia

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  2. This is such a lovely article, thank you so much for sharing your life experiences! I really enjoy reading your blog! I look forward to new articles in the future 🙂

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