Lazada Malaysia
Hello, everyone. It has been a long time I did not post anything in my WordPress. If you follow up my site, you will discover that I usually don’t talk about my personal life here. So, today I got some time off to write about 20 random facts about me.

So here goes!

Lazada Malaysia

1. My real name is Raja Rajeswari but I love if people call me Rajes not Rajesh.

2. My height is 155cm.

3. I wear spectacles since I was 9 years old.

4. I’m a coffee addict. I consume coffee not to stay up late at night but I really really love the smell of coffee.

5. I cannot sleep with lights on.

6. I really obsessed with blue colour. My 80% of my traditional suits are blue, my bedsheet is blue, my bedroom is blue and so on.

7. I usually wear my watch on my right-hand side and most of my friends look weird at me. I feel comfortable to wear it on the right-hand side compared to the left-hand side.

8. I got my hair dyed for the first time in July 2017 and I love it.

9. I love chocolates but KitKat more.

10. I love to write my thoughts in my diary rather than sharing to people.

11. I’m really a sensitive person.

12. I don’t say much but I love to observe things around me.

13. I love to eat ice-cream at night compared to daytime.

14. I’m not an animal lover but absolutely a nature lover.

15. I’m not a foodie. I eat when I feel hungry only not when I feel bored.

16. I don’t usually give a compliment unless I feel that you truly deserve it.

17. I don’t always talk but when I do I can’t stop moving my hands.

18. I’m neither introvert nor extrovert. Yes, it depends on circumstances.

19. I can open up to people easily but it takes a while for me to trust someone.

20. My actions always speak louder than words. If I don’t like something, you can see from my actions.

Lazada MalaysiaI would like to get to know you better too, share with me a random fact about yourself. Kindly comment below 🙂


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