2D1N Cameron Highlands Trip

Hello, everyone. Today, I’m going to share my experience about a short 2D1N trip to  Cameron Highlands. 7 of my family members and cousins joined on this short trip. We went during Chinese New Year which was on 16-17th of February 2018.

We travelled to Cameron Highlands using the Tapah Route. Definitely not a good experience. If you plan to go to Cameron Highlands, please don’t drive at night. There is no street lamp and the road was really really crazy.

We booked early a homestay as we thought during the holiday season is quite hard to get a homestay or hotel. So, we stayed in a homestay which is located in Cameron Jaya, Tanah Rata.

TIP: Don’t book early any hotels or homestays, doesn’t matter holiday season or not. You know what there so so so many hotels and homestays in Cameron Highlands. So, don’t worry.

What I dislike is check-in 2 pm and check-out 12 pm.

Since checking in to homestay is at 2 pm, moved from the house was kind of late. Once we reached Ringlet, we took our breakfast at one of the Indian restaurants there. We were not so satisfied with the restaurant.

After having our breakfast, we headed to boh Tea Plantation.


Boh Tea Plantation view from top

You have to pay RM2 if you want to go to this plantation(picture above). If you lazy to walk, you can go there by a vehicle( it can fit 10 people). You need to pay RM10/person. The choice is yours!


I’m not the tea lover, so I didn’t taste any teas there. My parents bought for themselves as they love tea. They said it tastes good.

So, we took so many photos. If you are a photographer and wants to take a good photo with a great view, then Cameron Highlands will be your favourite place. Actually, we went to Cameron Highlands just to release stress and have fun. And, we have no such motive like we want to visit all of the places in Cameron Highlands.

Then, we moved to our homestay. Damn cold! No AC or fan. We took a short nap. We went to another Indian Restaurant at Tanah Rata to have our late lunch. Actually, there are so many Indian restaurants in Cameron Highlands. I think Steamboat is kinda famous in Cameron Highlands, as I came across many Steamboat restaurants. Have you ever try Steamboat in Cameron Highlands? How was it?

After lunch, we went to Strawberry farm. There are so many strawberry farms. Since I’m not a strawberry lover, I didn’t go n find which is the original strawberry farm and where is located. If not mistaken, it is located at Brinchang.


Fresh Strawberries


1 box for RM16. Different place, different price

My dad bought strawberries topping with chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. It tastes so delicious. RM11 is the price. Once I went home, I tried the same, strawberries with ice-cream, it did not taste as good as I had in Cameron Highlands.  There were so many people at here. Strawberry lovers maybe!

After having delicious strawberries, we went to Brichang night market.There were so many stalls.Very long one. Nothing special. Do you know why? Drinks and food sold there were similar. I think I saw almost 11 corn stalls. Crazy right? Food is not so tasty as I expected. I still bought my favourite food, nasi kerabu & char kuey tiaw kerang. Then, we went for a proper dinner.

There’s not so much food to try in Cameron Highlands. We just try everything randomly. If we don’t like, we went try other food.

The next day, we decided to leave the place early. Again, we took so many photos at some other places in Tanah Rata. Along the way back home, we came across a lot of other strawberries farm but we were tired. So, we didn’t bother much.


What I really like about this Cameron Highlands is not the food, not the city, not the farms or natural places. Cold and calm weather, peaceful atmosphere – you can’t get this in a busy city. The only reason why a lot of tourists come to Cameron highlands because of weather.Yes, cold weather. You can relieve your stress and have a temporary peaceful life.





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