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It’s already August and we are officially over half way through the year. Also, I turned 20 in this year. I don’t really set any New Year goals or revolutions for 2017. When, I usually set my goals, most of the time I fail to achieve them. So, this year I just follow the flow. I feel like this year flies so fast and I don’t know it’s a good or bad thing.
Today, I decided to write about what I have improved so far in my life. Actually, I supposed to post this last week itself but I failed to do so. Laziness overloaded since I’m on long break.

So let’s see!

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1. Understand that anger is the problem

Last time, I get angry easily for silly things but I won’t show to the person or express my thoughts to anyone. Basically, I don’t like to scold anyone. That’s why I don’t like if anyone scolds me. I realised that I gain nothing from getting angry. Actually, I did not try to reduce my anger also, but I realised that nowadays I’m very hard to get angry about anything. The awkward part is when someone figures out any difference in me, they will be like, “are you okay” and I try to act like nothing happen and I will talk something else just to get myself from the situation. People usually become more serious about their life when they are in the twenties, but I’m totally different. I become more playful and childish compared to last time. But I prefer to be like this because of no anger, no worry.

2. Reduce using social media like Twitter and Facebook
Actually, I have completed my first year in university. Three more years to go. When I was in university, I won’t simply waste my time on Facebook. Yeah, self- achievement. I spent most of the time chit- chat with my roommate and blog walking. Now, I’m on holiday and I realised that I’m using it quite often. What makes me happy is Bloglovin’ app which suggests me more interesting blogs to read. Since I love blogging, I found Bloglovin’ has become a part of my life.

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3. Exercise more, drive more, cook more

To be honest, I did not involve myself in any sports in university. I always spend my evening on bed. The sports centre is very far from my room. It’s a silly reason. Hahaha. Hopefully, next semester I can play badminton with my friends. Since I’m on holiday, I’m jogging every day. I thought I won’t exercise this whole year, but I’m wrong. At least I managed to jog. Also, skipping when I’m bored. I want to stay fit and healthy. For now, the only thing I’m helping my mom is fetching my youngest sister from school. Even sometimes, I become lazy to drive. Sometimes only. When I’m bored, I cook lunch for my family. If my siblings eat for the second time, indirectly it shows that they love my cooking. This is definitely a self-achievement. I always try to be better and better each and every day.

4. Jot down my daily expenses and take care of my belongings
I train myself to jot down my daily expenses. I don’t want to be a spendthrift. When I jot down, at least I know how much I’m spending per month. Recently, I found an app which helps us to reduce our spending. The app is called Money Lover. It really works, guys. I feel like I’m improving on take care of my belongings. We will know the true value of something when we buy it by using our own money.

I’m glad that those unplanned goals are going pretty good. I hope I can improve myself more in the future. Fingers crossed.

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Something, I can’t reduce at all so far is drinking coffee. Actually, I try my best to avoid coffee but I really can’t. When I don’t drink coffee, I feel like the day is incomplete . Also, I feel like I have no energy. The smell of coffee can change my bad mood to better mood. So much love for coffee.

So overall, I keep doing me. I am feeling more comfortable with who I am at the moment and I’m not going to change myself for anyone. I love myself now more compared to last time.

Lazada Malaysia Do share me how’s everything going so far for you. Have a blessed August, people.

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