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Hey everyone. It has been a long time I did not post any new articles. Seriously, I have no time because of too many responsibilities as a university student. Being a student blogger is definitely a challenging thing ever. Also, helping my members with one of the accounting events in my university.

Today, I’m going to share with all of you my first ever experience being a treasurer for an accounting event in my university life. I have been holding the position of the treasurer in secondary and matriculation time. But being a treasurer for a major event in university is totally new ever for me. I don’t know about others but it was definitely challenging. Yes, for me.

I really face a lot of struggles when I hold this treasurer position for this recent event. I just want to tell to all of you that always do something you suck at. Then only you will learn new things day by day. I love to challenge myself. A real success for me is do something you suck at and prove to yourself that you can also do it successfully.

Successful people never worry about what others are doing. Just create your own path if you don’t have one.

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When I got appointed as a treasurer, I thought my task is only to collect participants registration fees only. Last time, when I became treasurer in my schooling life, my job is only to collect money and keep them safe. If the money short, I need to pay my money. My past experience made me fix in my head that treasurer’s job is to collect the fees and keep safe. But I was totally wrong.

The event that I hold treasurer position is a kinda major event which involves students from other students and VIPs are from professional bodies. Before we started to plan what are the necessary things or items we are going to buy for this event, I was informed that I have to do a budget in order to know the income, expenses and surplus. I have no experience at all in preparing the budget for a major event. I really made many minor and major mistakes when I prepare this budget. Thank god, ex-officio of my accounting club friends helped me to check and edit my budget. At one point, I thought I really suck at preparing a budget. As everyone knows, a budget is one of the important elements in order to make an event goes smoothly and successful one. When you and your members overspent, you might end up get deficit for your organized event. A budget must be prepared in a simple and effective way in order everyone understands what you have done. When your committee members want to buy items for decoration or games, as a treasurer must know how much need to allocate for the certain items.ย Finally,ย I manage to come up with a budget definitely not a perfect one. New things gave me a new lesson.

Lazada Malaysiaย Then, when a company agrees to sponsor for your event, once they bank in the sponsorship money. You need to ask bursary in your university to prepare tax exemption and transfer the amount to a contra account. The first time, when I heard the word of tax exemption, I was like what the hell is the tax exemption and contra account ๐Ÿ˜†Each and every time, when a company bank-in money, I need to do the same thing. The worse part is the event was in September and we had a long semester break from mid-June until early September. So, I need to communicate with bursary staffs through email and phone call. For me, it was a really hard for me to deal with someone without seeing face-to-face. From this, I learnt on how to communicate someone virtually in a polite way.

Even though the event is finished successfully, but my job as a treasurer still not finish yet. Yes, I have to come up with profit & loss statement and I love this job so much because I really want to know how much I profit we manage to make for this event. Also, need to collect all of the receipts from committees in order to track expenses for this event.

All in all, everything is new for me. I have learnt a lot of new things. I become so dumb and blur if I didn’t get a clear instruction and I did not believe myself that I’m capable to do these tasks of a treasurer. Basically, I do not like to work in a group because of my opinions are always opposite to other people. Yes, I couldn’t believe that I can work in a group for this event with new people. I’m blessed to get to know new people in my life. I’m also glad to be part of this event team. I hope I can serve better in the future.

To whoever you are, whatever you are doing, I just want to tell you that if everybody likes you, you are doing it wrongly. It’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are proof that you’re trying. Don’t give up easily in achieving your goals. Try out more new things while you’re in university. A place to learn, discover and improve yourself.

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