How to Stay Discipline When Motivation Dies Off

Have you ever thought to quit your current job when you lack motivation? Have you ever thought to stop doing something as it does not interest you anymore? Have you ever stop working hard as you lose motivation? Do you feel you have no motivation when you are getting older?

Here, I’m going to share 3 ways on how to stay disciplined when motivation dies off.

1) Set goals before you go bed
Some people have no reasons why they wake up every morning. There are a few people will wake up early but they have no ideas or plans and wasting their time. It clearly shows that these people have no clear goals and lack of self- discipline in their life. Maybe some of you wonder what should one exactly does in order to build self- discipline in himself. Yeah, you should set your goals like what you are going to do the next morning right after you wake up. For example, you are thought to go for jogging the next morning, prepare your sports-wear and other needed items for you when jogging. These are one of the ways where you can learn to build your discipline even though motivation dies off.

2) Know more about yourself
Don’t let others define yourself. You might share all of your problems or weakness to anyone, but in the end, you are responsible to discover about yourself and come out with a solution. These will grow you further to achieve goals in your life. Sometimes when you work in an office, you might have no motivation and thought to quit your job. What you can do is you try to work in a team or group where you can share your ideas among your team members in order to complete given tasks successfully. These are one of the ways where you can prevent yourself from getting bored easily and you might enjoy doing your work even there is no motivation. In short, whenever you are working in a pair or team, you have to force yourself to attend the meeting or discussion even you have no motivation to all attend all of these, from here self- discipline can be built.

3) Learn to be an organised person
Maybe some of you wonder on how to be an organised person and what is the way. For example, if you have 10 kinds of stuff to do and you’re totally stressed out, remember that you will start to lose your motivation eventually. So, what you can do is take a piece of blank paper and divide into 4 quadrants.
Each of these 4 quadrants must contain the following items:
1st Quadrant: Important and urgent
2nd Quadrant: Important but not urgent
3rd Quadrant: Not important but urgent
4th Quadrant: Not important and not urgent

Then, classify the 10 kinds of stuff you have in each quadrant based on your priority. Once done, focus on the work which gives more priorities based on the 4 quadrants.
These might help you to build self-discipline in you when you have no motivations to do. Apart from that, these will help you to complete all of your pending works on time and lessen your level of stress.

I hope all of the 3 ways mentioned about will help to be self- discipline person. Why not, you share me your ways on how you guys stay self- disciplined when motivation dies off. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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