Hello everyone. Today, I decided to write about KPMG Asean Scholarship interview experience to all of you. First of all, I would like to thank my buddy to share her experience with me. I know it’s quite late to post about this, but I believe this post might help other students who want to apply for this scholarship next time. I know most of you try to apply for many scholarships for your tertiary education. Sadly, you might not be chosen as a scholar and then you will try your luck in any other scholarships. Yeah, what’s more, important is apply for all scholarships if you meet the requirements. Don’t just apply for one scholarship and wait for the opportunity to knock your door. If you are a first or second-year degree student, then you can apply for this KPMG’s scholarship. Foundation student who is going to step their degree life can apply too.

Here we go….

1. What is KPMG’s Asean Scholarship?

Lazada Malaysia You can view this website to know about it and the requirement to apply for this scholarship.

Link: KPMG website This is during the time, I’m not sure whether the requirements to apply this scholarship will remain the same or not in upcoming years.

2. What to do if I want to be the scholar?

First, you have to apply online. Keep an eye on the afterschool website or KPMG website. Then, you have to sit for online assessment. Read the instruction carefully before you attempt the assessment. It might be easy, medium or hard. If you did the online assessment very well, you will be chosen for another assessment. This assessment will be held in KPMG tower which is located at Petaling Jaya. This assessment consists of group assessment, individual interview and essay writing. If you perform well in this assessment too, you can be a KPMG’s Asean scholar.

3. Can you list down the interview questions?

The interview questions are normal questions like introduce yourself. The next question will be based on what you have answered previously. So, think carefully when you answer any questions they ask you. Be honest. Make sure you know about KPMG.

Bonus Tips: If you want to prepare for the interview, you can view this website.

Link: 100 Top Scholarship Interview Questions In Malaysia

4. Can you tell more about essay writing?

When you heard about essay writing, most of the people will be like, whaaatttt essay. I wanna say that the essay writing for this KPMG scholarship is quite a simple one. You can write how many pages you want because there are no numbers of words limited. They will give you two or three questions (I do not remember ha-ha) and we have to choose one question. We have to complete this within 30 minutes.
5. How many panels?
There will be 2 panels will be in charge. This is during my time, I’m not sure about the upcoming scholarship interview.

5. Is it this scholarship bonded?

Yes, it is bonded. You must work maximum of 3 months in overseas such as Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Also, you have to work locally for 3 months. After graduation, you have to work with them for 2 years.

6. How many scholars KPMG will choose?

At first, I thought KPMG will choose seven or eight of the scholars for this year too as previous year they chose this number of scholars only. But, I was wrong. For my batch, they have chosen nine of the scholars. Yeah, we are lucky. Ha-ha. The panels told us that the number is not fixed, it depends on the quality of candidates. So, don’t worry. Just give your best.

7. What are tips you want to give for future applicants?

First and foremost, be yourself. Don’t try to cheat your panels or boast yourself. Once you lie, you will lie always and end up can’t answer the panel’s questions. Doesn’t matter what, be confident during the interview session. I’m sure everyone will feel nervous during the interview session. Try not to show your nervousness.
There will be 20 minutes rest time. Try to be friend with all of the candidates around. It’s a rare chance for you to meet students from all around Malaysia. It would be a great experience to know someone who has a different background.
All the panels will come and chit-chat with you. You can ask more questions from them since they are expert in the accounting profession.
Be humble and open-minded(in case you are not in real life). *evil laugh*
A day before the interview, make sure you know KPMG background like how KPMG carried out their business. The most important thing is knowing clearly who you are and what is your strength and weakness.

Lazada Malaysia
Go and apply for this scholarship if you pass the requirements. There is no cost to you in applying for this scholarship. If you have chosen for this scholarship interview, chill and start preparing. Don’t close your own door of opportunity by not applying for this scholarship.

8. Do you think it’s a great experience for you?

Yes, definitely it was a great experience for me. I learnt something more about myself and the industry of the accounting profession. To be honest, the time I learnt something is not the time in the interview session, but the preparation time(before the interview session) and reflection time(after the interview). When you do preparation, you will start digging out more information about auditing, accounting, KPMG stories and many more. Also, during reflection time, you will know what is your weakness and strength of you. Same goes to me. I wouldn’t be sad if I’m not chosen for this scholarship because of the experience I gained from here is marvellous.

Lazada Malaysia I hope this post helps you in applying for this scholarship. Kindly comment if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer with the help of my buddy.


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  2. Hi, it is a nice post! I applied for KPMG asean scholarship 2018 also and I was shortlisted to attend the interview. Your post inspired me a lot and I want to express my greatest gratitude to you. Here are some questions that I want to ask you:
    1. About how many person will be shortlisted to attend the interview session? (as I want to the chance and probability of getting the scholarship)
    2. How will the group discussion and presentation conduct?
    I will deeply appreciate of your answer as it will definitely help me a lot! Thank you

  3. Hey there!!! I’m actually having my KPMG interview this Thursday and I’m quite nervous about it hahaha. But i reallyyyyyy want to know what the essay is all about. Gosh I’m scared I might not know what to write because I think this is the only interview that I’m going to which involves essay-writing on the spot. Thank you for sharing your experience 😀 It’s quite helpful!!!

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