Live your dream life

Hello everyone,

Everyone has dreams. The different of you and me is whether we will achieve our dreams or not. Why some people can’t achieve their dreams? This is because they do not put any efforts to make their dreams to be a reality.

 Everyone can dream big. Everyone can achieve their dreams if their steps taken is correct. Remember, you can’t achieve your dreams if your fear stops you to take any risks. Make sure you know what is your strength and weakness. Do what you like, not what other people like. I wish everyone who’s reading this post, all the best in whatever you are doing and achieve all of your dreams.

I forget to introduce myself. Here it is:-

My name is Rajes(girl). I’m from Malaysia. I’m a student.I have many dreams to achieve in my life. I’m sharing here because I know there will be someone who will help me or guide me to achieve those dreams.

Yeah, I wanna be an auditor.Basically, I’m doing Bachelor of Accounting in UUM. Besides that , I wanna be a professional blogger. I always google to find how to earn money online. Yesterday, I came across a website, ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agrawal . This website inspires me a lot. In that blog, I get to know the ways to earn money. Do you know it’s so rare an Indian blogger becomes so successful like this? I’m very proud of him. I’m not very keen on IT and expert in WordPress. I really want to know how to earn money with a small amount of investment. Now, I’m using free plan of WordPress. I have no enough money to invest. I’m really looking forward Harsh Agrawal will help me in this.

Yeah, if not now, one day definitely I will become a successful blogger like Harsh Agrawal. I hope this dream will become reality. I hope my achievement in the future will inspire the youngsters to achieve their dream. Since I’m studying now, I have no time to be a full-time blogger. I hope at least I can update my blog during the weekend and earn some pocket money. I hope I will find some other ways for beginners like me.

The more often you tell something, the more it will become reality. So, I  always tell myself, I will become a successful auditor and a professional blogger in the future. I hope God will ease everything I wanna do.

“Go from I think I can to I know I can.”

If you have any ideas, you can comment below. Thank you. Have a nice day, everyone.

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