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Most of my friends asked me many questions about university life since they are going to pursue their studies this coming September. Some people really feel nervous when they think about starting university. Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine. Since I’m done with my first-year degree, I think I can answer some of the questions based on what I have gone through so far.

Let’s go…

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1. Are university rules same like matriculation?

Let me put in this way, every university has rules, it depends on you whether want to follow or you want to put yourself in trouble. If you have been in boarding school, you would say matriculation is another school. In matriculation, if you want to go home, you have to come with a letter and ask for approval while in university you can go back home anytime you want. You can go outing with your friends at midnight and nobody asks anything to you. You have to know what’s good and bad for you. The choice is always yours.

I’m pretty sure everyone has goals when starting university. Make sure you have achieved those goals or else you will die with regrets. You have to know how to manage time efficiently. In short, play hard, study hard if you don’t want to repeat any papers.

It’s okay to break the rules, but be smart and brave to face the sequences.

2. How about the lecturers?

Some lecturers don’t even know your name. The worse is they don’t even know you’re their student. Don’t expect that what they teach in class only will come out in an exam and what they skip it won’t. They may skip certain contents because of they don’t enough time. They can skip, but you don’t. Not all the things you can expect an answer from them. Self-study is more important. Sometimes, you might get foreigner lecturers. Some students will feel very hard to understand their accent. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. In matriculation, lecturers will repeat if you don’t understand anything while in university, the majority of the lecturers won’t repeat the same thing again and again. If you get, you’re lucky. It can be said, lectures are one-way communication. Your job is to listen and listen. If you really don’t understand make an appointment with your lecturers. There is no point you keep on blaming your lecturers. If you want good grades, go meet your lecturers and solve your problems. This might helps you to create a good relationship with them. University lecturers also will give assignments like matriculation lecturers. The difference is they will give but they won’t force you to do. Again, the choice is yours whether want to do the assignments or not.

Lazada Malaysia Whatever it is, be kind with your lecturers. The carry marks will be determined by your lecturers.

3. How about the hostel?

In my university, they provide hostels to all of the students until we complete our studies. I’m not so sure about other universities. Create a good relationship with your roommate if you have one. Give respect, take respect. If you are uncomfortable with something, tell to your roommate in a polite way. Don’t forget room is where you rest, study, and so on. The place can give you peace. If you fight or have any misunderstandings, it might affect you mentally and can cause more stress. So, be kind. Be caring. Be thoughtful. Create more memories with your roommate.

4. How about friends and seniors?

Life is meaningless without friends. You can talk to everyone you want to talk. There are no any restrictions. Seniors are the one guide you during your orientation week. Some seniors are really kind and very thoughtful. Give respect, take respect. If you want a happy university life, don’t talk about at their back. Just tell to the particular person. If you’re not brave, just shut up and mind your business. Don’t trust anyone easily.

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Definitely, you’ll meet different people with different characters. Don’t simply judge anyone based on what you hear about them.

You have to learn to say no without feeling guilty. Setting boundaries is healthy. Be yourself. Don’t waste your time to impress anyone. People will judge you no matter what.Just chill and talk to everyone. Create more memories.

In short, be friends with everyone.

Comment below if you have any questions. I try my best to reply. Good luck, newcomers 🙂

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