Truth about Accounting Degree

“You only live once so think twice.”

Lazada Malaysia


Some students might decide to pursue bachelor in accounting once they complete their secondary or high school. If anyone asks them, “Why do you choose accounting degree?” I’m pretty sure some of them will say they love maths or calculations as their reason.

Before I write more, I just want to say that if you want to choose accounting degree just because of you love maths, better think twice before you make the decision.

Do you wonder why? Simple, keep reading.

Lazada Malaysia Do I have to be good at maths to get an accounting degree? The answer is no. Accounting does not really require a lot of high-level maths. It’s enough if you know or understand the basis such addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If you pursue an accounting degree, you won’t come across topics such as differentiation, integration, trigonometry and so on.

Most of the students thought that accounting is 100% calculation where there is no such theory to memorise or remember. Hey, if you have this kind of thoughts, please erase from your mind completely. Accounting is more to understanding and application. If you don’t understand the concept, you will never know how to apply. Also, there will be theories to remember and those theories will come out in the examination.

Accounting is very different from mathematics. In Accounting, you will learn on how to prepare the report for public companies. Also, you will learn about taxation(calculation), auditing(theory) and so on. From I have mentioned, I hope you can see that accounting has the combo of reading and calculation. People, please don’t confuse yourself with accounting and mathematics degree. If you really love maths, go choose bachelor in mathematics.

I myself consulted with my accounting buddies and teachers before I pursue accounting course. Try to get information from certain people who are in the field before you choose your path. It might help you to make a wise decision. There is no point in regretting later.


If you love someone, you’ll take risks for them no matter what, right? Do you willing to take risks for someone you don’t love? No isn’t? Same goes here if you choose the course you love, you’ll put more efforts and hard work to get an excellent result.

In short, accounting is 50% calculation and another 50% is theory. If you are really interested or dream to be an accountant, then go for bachelor in accounting. If you love maths, choose something related to mathematics like bachelor in mathematics.

Lazada Malaysia I hope this post gives you some ideas about accounting degree. Comment below your experience being an accounting student. Also, you feel free to share anything about bachelor in mathematics.


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