FGV Local Scholarship Interview 2016

Hello, everyone. Today, I’m going to share about my experience during FGV local interview scholarship.

I would say that FGV is very competitive scholarship. There are many stages you have to undergo in order to be a FGV scholar. By the way, FGV will give you RM800 per month for allowances. FULL Scholarship! Your job is to maintain your pointer; GPA 3.30 only!

Lazada Malaysia1st stage:- Assessment

It’s not something you have learnt in SPM. You have to sit for 2 assessments. One is VCR and another one is NCR.


There are only 3 options – True, False and Cannot Say. You have to finish all of the 32 questions in 18 minutes. Trust me, these questions are so tricky.


You have to finish all of the 20 questions in 20 minutes. You have to think and act so fast. NCR is based on a bar graph, a pie chart. You have to know how to read these graphs. These questions are very tricky too.

Lazada Malaysia Tips

  • Do more practice. You can search on google regarding NCR and VCR.
  • Do all the questions even you don’t know.
  • Don’t be nervous.

2nd Stage – Group interview

In this stage, you will be divided into groups. One group consists of 5 to 6 candidates. Don’t worry, panels are so friendly in this group interview. During this stage, you will be given many topics, you have to choose 1 topic only. Within 15 minutes, your group have to come up with a group presentation based on the topic chosen.

Tips :

  • Always volunteer yourself to be a group leader.
  • Discuss with your group members before making any decision. Bear in mind that, it’s a group task.
  • Make sure your group points are not out of the topic chosen.
  • Be confident during your  Q& A section.

Lazada MalaysiaFinal stage

If you perform well in these 2 stages, FGV will send you an email and call you to attend a final interview with Chief of Human Resource Management. After the interview, you have to write an essay based on the topic given. Yes, ESSAY! Usually, they won’t tell you about this essay matter when they contact you. So, be prepared!

During my time, this interview held in the group and there were 5 panels. It depends on panels whether group or one-to-one interview. Best of luck 🙂

IMPORTANT PART ~~ Yeah, the interview questions

-Tell me the difference between FELDA and FGV – Felda and FGV (FELDA GLOBAL VENTURE) is two different entity but related to each other. Felda is mainly to settlers whereas FGV is more on a profit oriented company. Felda is under GLC(Government Linked Company).

-Why do you deserve this FGV scholarship? Be honest and confident when you answer this questions.

**FGV scholarship interview questions are informal structure questions. They can ask you anything they want. So, make sure you have read everything about FGV. Go and like FGV facebook page if you want to get more information. Put your maximum effort.

Don’t be sad if you did not become one of the FGV scholars. What’s more important in life is the experience. Experience can bring one to move further. Apply for many scholarships, if you have a luck, definitely you can be a scholar like others too. Again, all the best and may the force be with you 🙂

Lazada Malaysia You can also share your FGV scholarship interview experience here in comment box ^.^


21 thoughts on “FGV Local Scholarship Interview 2016

      1. How can i score for the vcr n ncr test? Do help me to pass the first phase please. My assessment will be held this sunday.

  1. Hi! I would like to ask a question, is there any calculation involved in ncr and is it necessary for us to bring a calculator? or is the question more to analyzing charts and graphs only?

    1. Recall? Hahaha.. actually it’s a group iv.. so they won’t come one by one most of the time.. and questions are based on wht u ans for previous question. So just prepare mentally and physically. Sometimes they just mention your name and will ask whether you agree with what your friend have said? You know it’s like a open talk… you have to talk with facts.. So, there is no specific questions, the one I mention in the post is something they asked me straight.. other questions all based on my answer and my friends’ answer.

    1. I’m not fgv scholar.. but I think they had announced fgv scholarship result already, cos one of my reader of this blog received this scholarship.. You can try call fgv to know your status of scholarship. 🙂

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