Hello, everyone. Today, I wanna share my experience during UEM local scholarship interview. Recently, I have attended for UEM local scholarship interview in my university itself.

First email from UEM :-

Second email from UEM :-

Dear Candidate,

 Details of your session are as follows:

 Date: 5 October 2016 / Wednesday

Time: 10.00 am

Venue: Bilik Mesyuarat Pusat, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Dress Code: Formal Attire

 Please bring along the following documents during the interview session:

1. Two (2) passport sized colour photographs (please write your full name and MyKad number behind each photo);

2. Original and photocopy of MyKad, both sides on the same A4 size paper;

3. Original and Photocopy of Pre-U result, University Offer Letter, SPM exam result

4. Original and Photocopy of certificates Extra Curricular Activities as reflected in your application form;


You are also advised to bring your own stationery to the session as there will be a written test.

 Please arrive approximately 30 minutes before your session starts.

 Thank you.


 Education Development & Support

UEM Group Bhd

1st part: Essay Writing

Written test in email refers to essay writing. The title of the essay I got is How El Nino affects Malaysia? Do you feel blank, once you read this title? If you don’t know what is El Nino, go search in google. Bear in mind that the title you’ll be given is not like SPM English writing. You should know current issues. My other friends got an essay about terrorism, corruption and so on. You can’t discuss with your friends since every one of you will get a different title. You have to write this essay in 20 minutes.

2nd part: Interview

I would say this is the killest part. Do you wonder why? Keep reading. By the way, I’m the first candidate and I have no idea what they are going to ask me.

Interview questions:-

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What you know about UEM – This question sounds easy, but it’s not. Make sure you know A to Z about this UEM.

3.The Recent project about UEM – Make sure you search in google. 2nd Penang bridge is under UEM, okay?Now, they are doing a new project. Again, I’m telling you, make sure you know all the projects of UEM.

4. Yang dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan-Since I’m from Negeri Sembilan, they asked me this question. Make sure you know answers for all of this question.If you’re studying at Penang, make sure you know all Yang di-pertua Penang. Make sure you know Rukun Negara and everything relate to our country.

Keep reading?

5.Your talent- Since I said my talent is dancing. The panels asked me to dance without music.Can you imagine? Don’t say no. Just do what they asked you to do.They want to see whether you’re brave or not. UEM  has many programs, if you are a scholar of UEM, you have to participate in their events. This is another reason why they ask your talents.

6.Current news- If you’re not the type of reading newspaper, go download The Star or Berita Harian app in your phone and read the news every day. Trust me, the panels will ask you,”tell us current issues you read about”. Don’t tell them you read accidents all. Make sure you know all the HOT NEWS. The panels asked my friend current issue in the world. Try asking yourself, if these panels asked you questions about the current issue in Malaysia or World, you can answer it or not. If not, go read the news every day.

7. What is the name of prime minister and what he did recently – Go search on google if you don’t know the answer to this questions.

8. The budget of 2017- Since I have applied for Accounting, the asked me, “what our prime minister is presented in budget 2017?” Make sure you know enough information about your course. You should know to relate your course with the current issue because sometimes they panels can ask you.” how you will contribute to this country once you become an Accountant?”. If you don’t know the current issue, you can’t answer this question.

9. What is your Vice Chancellor’s name – Since you’re already in university, make sure you know all the information about the university you’re studying. If you are studying in Business Faculty, make sure you know all the information about who holds this and that position.

10. What is your future plan – Make use of this chance and say out your plans. Maybe they will ask questions from your future plans. BE prepared!

11. The relationship between Auditor and Prefect -Since I was a prefect in secondary school and my ambition is to be an Auditor, they asked me this question. They asked me how I usually solve problems when I was a prefect. How I will solve problems as an Auditor in the future? Think critically and try to give them your best answer.

12. Do you like reading- If yes, what you usually read? If no, why? what is your hobby?

13. Do you think Bachelor of Accounting enough- I said no, our country is lack professional Accountants, so we need to take professional papers like ACCA, ICAEW and so on. Relate this question with your course

14. Do you have any questions- Ask them any questions about UEM.

For me,1-hour interview 🙂 Some of my friends had an interview for 15 minutes only. So, pray hard

Lazada Malaysia


  1.  Corporate dress code- UEM Berhad is a corporate company
  2. Smile even you feel nervous
  3. Knock the door before you enter into room
  4. Ask permission before sit
  5. Keep your certificate in a file neatly
  6. Be confident
  7. Walk like a boss
  8. Sit properly
  9. Greet them
  10. Say thank you for giving you chance to attend this interview.

Lazada Malaysia I hope this post helps you. If you have any questions, you can drop your questions in the comment box. All the best 🙂








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