Vivies Hair Removal Cream Review

PRICE : RM 85 included postage

Lazada Malaysia

Hello, everyone. Today, I got some time off to review one of my favourite product so far. Usually, if I decided to post on my website if and only the product works well for me. If the product does not fit me well, I won’t review it at all.

How many of you have bought hair removal cream or whatsoever from any brands and it does not remove your hair at all? Any experience? Kindly comment below.

Recently, one of my friends introduced me a hair removal cream. Yeah, vivies hair removal cream. At first, I thought this cream is also as same as other hair removal cream in the market which does not remove any hair. But I was totally wrong. It really works very well, guys.

Lazada Malaysia

  • Ingredients of this Vivies Hair Removal Cream as follows :
    Lemon oil
    Potassium Liquidum
    Liquid paraffin

This is not recommended for face area.

Don’t use tissue or cloth after use and dry.

I suggest you apply a small amount of cream on your hand first in order to test whether you have sensitive skin or not. If you do not feel poignant, you straight apply to other areas. This is my tips for all of you. This is what I usually do to test my skin.

1. Apply on the intended area for 15 seconds. Dry area.
2. Leave for 4-5 minutes. If your hair is thick you may need more time.
3. Rinse your skin thoroughly with water after use and dry.

The price is RM85 included postage. 1 free gift- whitening soap. Now on sale ya!!

Are you interested in this product, you can email me to

Lazada Malaysia Kindly comment below if you have any questions.

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