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UPDATE : If you’re chosen as a scholar, you’ll be invited for a scholars induction and signing agreement. 🙂

Hey, maybe you are struggling in securing a scholarship. If you are one of them,you’re at right place.

Today I’m going to share my experience about YTL Foundation scholarship interview.

Maybe, you’re wondering what is YTL. Here it is: YTL corporation

There are 2 stages you must be involved in order to be a YTL Scholar.

Lazada Malaysia

Stage 1

In stage 1, there are four activities such as short interview, reasoning test, group activity and essay writing.

*Short interview*

Individual interview. It’s a very relaxing and fun. No need to worry so much.

Example questions :

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Who is your role model
  • What are your strength and weakness
  • How would you contribute to YTL
  • Are you active in any sports or club

Tips: Be yourself, be HONEST, don’t crap, don’t repeat your answers, smile always, think first before you talk

*Reasoning test*

They will provide you with a laptop. You have login based on given username and password.

There are 3 options(true, false, cannot say) for you to choose for each and every questions. Just read the passage carefully and choose any one answer. I think in total 25 questions. Not very sure! You must think quick. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer. Make sure you have answered all the questions.

*Group Activity*

This is very very fun one. You will be divided into groups. You will be a given task, discuss among your group members and anyone from your group have to present in front of other groups. There are two groups will involve at the same time. Be confident.

*Essay writing*

Within 1 hour, you have to come with an essay. They will give you 4 choices, you have to choose one. The title I chose was “Life is a box of chocolate”. Your essay must be between 300 and 500 words. Brainstorm your ideas before you start to write your essay.

Lazada Malaysia

Stage 2(Final Stage)

There is only 1 formal interview but this time with 2 panels. They are very friendly. The questions are almost same with stage 1 short interview. I want to remind you here is be honest in answering any questions that they ask you. They will interview you for 15 minutes only.

Example questions:

  • Tell me about yourself – take this chance to promote yourself. Don’t crap.
  • strength and weakness – think carefully before you answer to them. Your next question might be the answer you give for this question.

          For example : –

          Your strength: organised person

          Your next question might be: Since you’re an organised person, how would you contribute to YTL?

  • Why you deserve this scholarship – Ask yourself why you deserve this scholarship 🙂
  • What do you know about YTL – Read about company background. You can refer Wikipedia, the link is on top. Follow or like YTL Foundation Facebook page.

 Be humble, depends on you whether want to wear blazer or not and don’t forget to forget to bring your certificate even they did not mention in the email. Just bring it along with you! Your panels might refer them 🙂


Lazada Malaysia

Maybe some of you are wondering is it full or partial scholarship. YTL offers you a full scholarship. Your job is to maintain CGPA 3.33. It is bonded so you have to work with them once you have graduated. Your intern must be with them too.

The result will be announced on 3rd or 4th week. but around there! Wait patiently 🙂 They will email you if you are chosen as a YTL scholar. If you did not get don’t worry, try your luck by applying for other scholarships.

Lazada Malaysia I hope this post helps you. Share with me your experiences if you are chosen for YTL Foundation scholarship interview. If you have any questions or doubts, you can ask, I will try my best to help you 🙂 Good Luck.


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  1. Hye,i will have the ytl interview this wednesday for undergraduates.are wht u stated here for the undergraduate interview or foundation im kind of confused.and thanks a lot for all the infos.

  2. Hi.Can I know how many candidates are there for the first interview and how many candidates got the scholarship?

  3. Hi…thank you for your blog on ytl scholarship interview. Does ytl inform students who had gone through second stage of interview even if they are unsuccessful?

  4. Hi..
    I attended the second stage interview for ytl scholarship on 13 July 2018. Till now I have not heard of any outcome yet. Does ytl email students who were unsuccesful?

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